2020-02776 - PhD Position F/M declarative constraints for privacy-friendly machine learning (M/F)

Contract type : Civil Servants Mobility (EU) or Fixed-term contract

Level of qualifications required : Graduate degree or equivalent

Fonction : PhD Position

Level of experience : Recently graduated

About the research centre or Inria department

The Inria Lille - Nord Europe Research Centre was founded in 2008 and employs a staff of 360, including 300 scientists working in sixteen research teams. Recognised for its outstanding contribution to the socio-economic development of the Hauts-De-France région, the Inria Lille - Nord Europe Research Centre undertakes research in the field of computer science in collaboration with a range of academic, institutional and industrial partners.

 The strategy of the Centre is to develop an internationally renowned centre of excellence with a significant impact on the City of Lille and its surrounding area. It works to achieve this by pursuing a range of ambitious research projects in such fields of computer science as the intelligence of data and adaptive software systems. Building on the synergies between research and industry, Inria is a major contributor to skills and technology transfer in the field of computer science.


This position is funded in the context of the HyAIAI “Hybrid Approaches for Interpretable AI” INRIA project lab (https://project.inria.fr/hyaiai/). With this subject, we would like to investigate how declarative languages (e.g. languages stating constraint satisfaction problems, or query languages) can help clarifying both what is expected of the model and what the model truly satisfies. These are aspects of the ”model interpretability” not yet tackled within the HyAIAI project.

The recruited collaborator will be supervised by Jan Ramon (MAGNET, INRIA-Lille, France), Elisa Fromont (LACODAM, IRISA/INRIA-Rennes, France) and Siegfried Nijssen (Univ. Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium).  By default, the collaborator will work in Lille, visit the other teams when needed, participate in HyAIAI meetings in Paris and travel when appropriate for dissemination activities.


The recruited person will research methods to analyse and optimise privacy-friendly machine learning systems using declarative constraints.

Some more detail on the subject and some references are available at http://researchers.lille.inria.fr/jramon/jobs/hyaiai-cppriv.pdf

The recruited person will benefit from the expertise of the MAGNET team on declarative languages, privacy (https://team.inria.fr/magnet/), of the LACO- DAM team (https://team.inria.fr/lacodam/) in declarative languages and interpretable AI and of the expertise of Siegfried Nijssen in constraint programming and its applications in machine learning and data mining (https://www.info.ucl.ac.be/ sni-jssen/).

Main activities

A person can be hired on this position as a post-doc (vacancy 2020-02772) or PhD student (this vacancy).

In both cases, his main task will consist of research, including developing and analysing new research results, and disseminating them. 

In the case a PhD student is recruited, the student will also follow a doctoral training and write a PhD thesis.



Technical skills and level required : depending on the post-doc or PhD student profile, a scientific background as specified above.

Languages :  Very good English

Relational skills : Working in a team, effective reporting and communication with all involved stakeholders. 


Benefits package

  • Subsidized meals
  • Partial reimbursement of public transport costs
  • Leave: 7 weeks of annual leave + 10 extra days off due to RTT (statutory reduction in working hours) + possibility of exceptional leave (sick children, moving home, etc.)
  • Possibility of teleworking (after 6 months of employment) and flexible organization of working hours
  • Professional equipment available (videoconferencing, loan of computer equipment, etc.)
  • Social, cultural and sports events and activities
  • Access to vocational training
  • Social security coverage


1st and 2nd year : 1 982€ Gross monthly salary (before taxes) 

3rd year : 2085€ gross monthly salary (before taxes)