Post-Doctoral Research Visit F/M Regional modeling of the capacity and vulnerability of near subsurface aquifers

Contract type : Fixed-term contract

Level of qualifications required : PhD or equivalent

Fonction : Post-Doctoral Research Visit

About the research centre or Inria department

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The Aqui-Aqua project (SAD Région Bretagne) is part of a partnership between Inria and the lab Géosciences Rennes.

The goal of the project is to generalize shallow aquifer models designed for some identified and well-monitored sites, to a whole region. It will be done under the assumption that their hydraulic and geochemical properties are correlated to their fundamental geologic characteristics, and especially their lithology.

If necessary, the contract beginning can be postponed until the end of 2024.


There are three parts in the project :

  1. Use of transfer models, to extract observable phenomena from representative hydraulic and chemical properties of the catchments, as flow or nitrogen concentration chronicles. Field expeditions on interest sites will be programmed, for the recruited person to get familiar with the local geologic and hydrogeologic specificities.
  2. Identification of correlations between hydraulic and chemical properties and major geologic characteristics (eg. lithologie, weathering depth)
  3. Chart of hydraulic properties at the regional scale, and generalization of transfer models to non-monitored sites.

For more information, feel free to contact the supervising team before your application.

Collaboration :
The postdoc is co-supervised by Jean-Raynald de Dreuzy (Hydrology/Hydrogeology. CNRS, Géosciences Rennes) and Hélène Hivert (Mathématics. Inria and Géosciences Rennes).
The recruited person will also interact with

Camille Bouchez, (CNAP, Géosciences Rennes), Philippe Boulvais (Géosciences Rennes), Jean de Bremond d’Ars (Géosciences Rennes), Nicolas Cornette (Cydre project, BRGM and Géosciences Rennes), Camille Vautier (ENS Rennes, Géosciences Rennes) and Philippe Yamato (Géosciences Rennes).


Main activities

Main activities :

  • Determination of equivalent hydrolic and chemical properties on each monitored catchment, using numerical simulations.
  • Solution of contrained optimisation problems, to identify correlations between hydro-chemical properties and geologic characteristics of the catchments.
  • Regional scale modelisation anc cartography



Technical skills and level required : PhD in earth sciences or applied mathematics. Taste for environmental problems, mathematical formalism and numerical simulations.

Languages : English


Benefits package

    • Subsidized meals
    • Partial reimbursement of public transport costs
    • Possibility of teleworking ( 90 days per year) and flexible organization of working hours
    • partial payment of insurance costs


Monthly gross salary amounting to 2788 euros.