2020-02767 - Software engineer (young graduate)
Le descriptif de l’offre ci-dessous est en Anglais

Type de contrat : CDD

Niveau de diplôme exigé : Bac + 5 ou équivalent

Autre diplôme apprécié : Engineering degree, Master (MSc) degree in computer science, or equivalent

Fonction : Ingénieur scientifique contractuel

Niveau d'expérience souhaité : Jeune diplômé

A propos du centre ou de la direction fonctionnelle

The Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique Centre is one of Inria's eight centres and has more than thirty research teams. The Inria Center is a major and recognized player in the field of digital sciences. It is at the heart of a rich R&D and innovation ecosystem: highly innovative PMEs, large industrial groups, competitiveness clusters, research and higher education players, laboratories of excellence, technological research institute, etc.

Contexte et atouts du poste

A software engineer position is available at Inria Rennes (France) in the context of the IPL ModeliScale initiative and the FUI ModeliScale collaboration with Dassault Systèmes, EDF, Engie, CEA, PhiMeca, DPS and Eurobios.

This collaboration focuses on Modelica, a standard modeling language for cyber-physical systems design. In this context, the Hycomes team is developing the IsamDAE software, a structural analysis software for multimode DAE systems. The proposed position consists in consolidating this software prototype by enforcing state-of-the-art software engineering methods in the development of the tool.

The software engineer will acquire a high level of expertise, applied to the thriving field of cyber-physical system modeling and simulation. This position stands at the interface between academic research and Modeling & Simulation tool vendors (such as Dassault Systèmes, MathWorks, Wolfram, Ansys, Siemens PLM…), thus offering a privileged entry point to both the academic and industrial Modeling & Simulation communities.

Mission confiée

Assignments include automatic documentation generation, systematic development of unit tests for each software component, multiplatform software deployment (Docker), and the development of C++ bindings to the IsamDAE libraries.

These works will be performed in close collaboration with researchers and engineers of the Hycomes team (Inria Rennes), but also with members of both the Parkas research team (Inria Paris) and the industrial partners from the FUI ModeliScale project.

Specific training in advanced functional programming, BDD data structures, numerical solver libraries, etc. will be provided by collaborators, as the need may occur.

Principales activités

Main activities:

  • implement C++ bindings to the IsamDAE libraries,
  • design and implement unit tests for the IsamDAE libraries,
  • develop a simulation code generator, as a backend to the IsamDAE tool,
  • automatize multiplatform software deployment.

Additional activities:

  • improve error handling,
  • contribute to software documentation.


The following list of technical skills is sorted by decreasing order of importance:

  • software engineering, software testing,
  • software project management,
  • functional programming (knowledge of OCaml or Haskell is a plus),
  • implementation of functional programming languages (memory management, garbage collection),
  • numerical solver libraries (Sundials in particular).

Written and oral proficiency in English is required. Knowledge of the French language is optional.

Teamwork skills are essential because of the highly collaborative nature of this position.


  • Subsidized meals
  • Partial reimbursement of public transport costs


Monthly gross salary from 2 562 euros to 2 735 euros according to diploma and experience