2022-04942 - Project manager on digital preservation, software description and metadata, research software archival, referencing and access (H/F)
Le descriptif de l’offre ci-dessous est en Anglais

Type de contrat : CDD

Contrat renouvelable : Oui

Niveau de diplôme exigé : Bac + 5 ou équivalent

Fonction : Ingénieur scientifique contractuel

Corps d'accueil : Ingénieur de Recherche (IR)

Niveau d'expérience souhaité : De 5 à 12 ans

Contexte et atouts du poste

This project manager and engineer position is open at Inria in the context of the Software Heritage project, on the topic of Open Science, digital preservation, software description and metadata, research software archival, referencing and access, in the framework of the FAIRCORE4EOSC EU project. This position involves travel to collaborate with other teams across the world, travel expenses will be covered within the limit of the current Inria travel policy.

Inria is a national research institute dedicated to digital sciences that promotes scientific excellence and transfer. Inria employs 2,400 collaborators organised in research project teams, usually in collaboration with its academic partners. This agility allows its scientists, from the best universities in the world, to meet the challenges of computer science and mathematics, either through multidisciplinarity or with industrial partners.

Software Heritage is a unique initative to build the universal archive of software source code, catering for the needs of research, industry and society as a whole.


Mission confiée

Assignments :
The recruited person will contribute to the technical and organizational coordination af the workpackage in FAIRCORE4EOSC dedicated to interconnecting research infrastructures with Software Heritagfe, and establishing best practices for research software archival, referencing and access. It will ensure that the needed functionalities are present and properly deployed in the Software Heritage archive.

Collaboration :
The recruited person will be in connection with Software Heritage partners in France and worldwide, in the framework of the FAIRCORE4EOSC European project.

Responsibilities :
The person recruited is responsible for the Software Heritage actions for research software archival, referencing and access, and will be the main contact point at Software Heritage for RDA, Force11, SPN, CCSD, and related organizations.

Principales activités

To this end, the recruited person will

  • maintain regular contact with working groups active in the area of research software preservation, including in particular RDA, Force11, SPN and EOSC
  • coordinate the work done by the different partners in the FAIRCORE4EOSC european project, reporting to the Inria scientific contact
  • collaborate with the french national archive, HAL, for the deposit of research software into the Software Heritage archive
  • collaborate with the Software Heritage engineering team for the development of functionalities related to software archival and metadata
  • contribute to research and documentation for best practices for software identification and description
  • write articles and documentation



This position involves significant interaction within the Software Heritage team and with partners worldwide, hence it is expected that the candidate will have excellent relational skills, and written and oral communication abilities.

The position involves significant coordination efforts with international teams, hence the candidate will have excellent management and coordination skills.



  • Subsidized meals
  • Partial reimbursement of public transport costs
  • Leave: 7 weeks of annual leave + 10 extra days off due to RTT (statutory reduction in working hours) + possibility of exceptional leave (sick children, moving home, etc.)
  • Possibility of teleworking (after 6 months of employment) and flexible organization of working hours
  • Professional equipment available (videoconferencing, loan of computer equipment, etc.)
  • Social, cultural and sports events and activities
  • Access to vocational training
  • Social security coverage


en fonction des diplômes et de l'expérience professionnelle