2022-05099 - Post-Doctoral Research Visit F/M Teleoperation and machine learning for robotics
Le descriptif de l’offre ci-dessous est en Anglais

Type de contrat : CDD

Contrat renouvelable : Oui

Niveau de diplôme exigé : Thèse ou équivalent

Fonction : Post-Doctorant

Contexte et atouts du poste

This position is funded by the euROBIN European project (European Network of Excellence in ROBotics and AI), which involves 32 partners in Europe.

Our team is participating in one of the challenges of the project, so called "Personal Robotics challenge" where we want to develop the skills that robots need to helps humans in their tasks, such as opening doors, carrying small to medium heavy objects, navigate in a human environment, manipulate small objects, understanding instructions and reasoning about possible plans. We will be tackling the problem with teleoperation, i.e., showing to the robots how to solve the tasks, and acquiring demonstrations to train machine learning models.

The position will involve regular travels to the European partners of the project, in particular to Munich (DLR) and Karlsruhe (KIT), as well as participating in "hackatons" with the partners to implement and compare concrete ideas.

Mission confiée

The overall objective is to develop research about teleoperation of human-like robots, whole-body teleoperation, and machine learning in concrete cases: whole-body manipulation, multi-contact motions, use of tools, manipulating objects with unknown weight, opening doors, shared autonomy, ... The exact research topic will depend on the interest and the skills of the recruited researcher.

Most of the work will target the Tiago robot (1-2 arms + torso + wheeled base), but, when it is relevant, we will extend it to humanoid robots (Talos and iCub). The code will rely on the whole-body controller developped at Inria (https://github.com/resibots/inria_wbc) and will be tested as often as possible on the real platforms.

For a better knowledge of the work of the team in whole-body teleoperation, please check:

The recruited person will be in connection with Serena Ivaldi and Jean-Baptiste Mouret, as well as the PhD and master students that will participate to the EuROBIN project. When appropriate, the post-doctoral researcher will be given the opportunity to supervise some of the master students that will be hired by the project.


Principales activités

The main objective is to develop and publish new algorithms that help to fulfill the objectives of the euROBIN project. The post-doctoral researcher will be actively involved in the day-to-day management of the tasks of Inria, present the work to the other partners, and perform experiments with the robots.



Ideal skills: whole-body control, C++ programming, machine learning

Required: good programming proficiency in at least Python, knowledge of robotics (kinematics, dynamics, etc.) and machine learning.

Very good knowledge of English is a strong requirement (many interactions with the European partners).



  • Subsidized meals
  • Partial reimbursement of public transport costs
  • Leave: 7 weeks of annual leave + 10 extra days off due to RTT (statutory reduction in working hours) + possibility of exceptional leave (sick children, moving home, etc.)
  • Possibility of teleworking (after 6 months of employment) and flexible organization of working hours
  • Professional equipment available (videoconferencing, loan of computer equipment, etc.)
  • Social, cultural and sports events and activities
  • Access to vocational training
  • Social security coverage


2653 € gross/month